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7-Port USB 3.0 Charging Hub with 48W Power Adapter
Model No.: GC-U3H7P2
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This USB station is a perfect combination of USB hub and USB charging, which is an ideal choice for office, family, travel, hotel, education etc. It is with portable size, and has the following 2 functions.
1).7 Ports USB Charging Sattion.
When Connect to power adapter, it is a 10-ports Charging Station, supporting 3 different charging mode: Samsung, Apple, and BC1.2.
2).7 Ports USB 3.0 Hub.
When connect to both PC and power adapter, it is a standard USB 3.0 10-Ports hub, for data transfer, support max 5Gbps.
This is product is both Data Transfer & Charging.


1. supports data transfer up to 5Gbps;
2. Support max 12V, 4A;
3. Support BC1.2 charging mode.
4. Plug & Play;
5. The case is made of fire-proof material;
6. Support charging and data transfer simultaneously;
7. 1.5m cable could extend from your wall outlet to your table.